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Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Howard Snader was compelled to a career in criminal law after being raised by two parents who taught him the meaning of fairness and justice. The one lesson that really stuck came when he was caught stealing lunch money in the first grade. At six years old and rather innocent, Howard thought he could raise vacation money for his family, so every day for a few weeks, he would take 35¢ from a classmate and put it into the family vacation bank. His parents found out, Howard confessed, and he was taken before his first-grade teacher.

Sitting him down, the teacher asked Howard what he felt would be a fair punishment for his theft. It was that conversation and how his parents made him think through the problem that left him with facing “criminal” sanctions for his theft. That conversation drove him to learn how to “do justice.”

Why Criminal Law?

After earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology, Howard earned his Juris Doctor at Northwestern College of Law at Lewis and Clark College. Howard began his dream job as a prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. As a prosecutor, his primary responsibility was to prosecute narcotics and other felony cases. But Howard became disenchanted and frustrated with how “justice” was served. He had always been taught that justice was fair and equal, but as a felony prosecutor, he learned that justice was often diminished by political constraints, social policy, and the whim of whoever was the supervisor of the day.

Howard’s work ethic and innovative skills led to commendations from his peers, judges on the bench, and the respect of law enforcement. But that wasn’t enough. Because of the policies regarding plea offers and the limits the County Attorney placed on his discretion, Howard left the prosecutor’s office in 1990.

Since leaving the office in 1990, he has devoted his talents and expertise to representing those accused of criminal conduct. In 1995, Howard became recognized by the State Bar of Arizona as a Certified Expert in Criminal Law. As of 2020, Howard is only one about 90 attorneys in Arizona to be so qualified by the State Bar.

Why Family Law?

On a personal level, Howard went through a complicated divorce in the late 1990s. Although an expert in criminal law, at that time, he was not prepared to handle his family law matter. But as with everything else he has learned, he dove into family law and its complexities. As a result, Snader Law Group began handling family law matters.

Howard created the Snader Law Group so that he could help as many people with legal issues as possible. As the firm continues to grow, Howard is designing his firm to take on additional areas of law by finding the best-qualified attorneys and staff who hold the same principles of accountability and service that he has tried to maintain for more than 30 years as a lawyer.

For the past several years, Howard has taught seminars for DUI and domestic violence crimes. He has also provided seminars to law enforcement and been available to answer their questions when asked.

He was a contributing editor to Attorney at Law magazine from 2012 through 2015 and wrote for Quest Magazine from 2013 through 2016. In 2011, Howard co-authored Evidence Discovery in Internet Pornography, available through Aspatore Books. In 2018, Howard wrote Busted: Secrets Cops and Prosecutors Don’t Want You to Know. In 2019, Howard authored A Client’s Quick Guide to Arizona’s Criminal Procedure and Process. Both books have garnered the Legal Excellence Award. Howard is currently drafting his first book on family law and a book about domestic violence.

Howard is a member of the Arizona State Bar, Maricopa County Bar Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice. In his free time, Howard has refereed high-school and youth sports for the Arizona Interscholastic Association for more than 25 years. He enjoys traveling, hiking, photography, and spending quality time with his wife and their furry kids (and grown sons that now reside out of state).

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