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Phoenix Spousal Maintenance Lawyer

How Can a Spousal Support Lawyer in Phoenix Help?

A spousal maintenance lawyer in Phoenix can help you to establish or modify an order for spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance, spousal support, and alimony are interchangeable terms that all describe the amount of money a family law court has ordered to be paid to a disadvantaged spouse. In most cases, spousal maintenance is not something that an ex-spouse will receive indefinitely. Spousal support in Arizona is intended primarily to maintain the status quo of the marriage during the pendency of the family law case. It serves to help the disadvantaged spouse transition from marriage to divorce. Spousal maintenance is often required to ensure that the disadvantaged spouse has enough money to maintain a household, pay their bills and other obligations. Generally, it is expected that the spouse receiving spousal maintenance will become self-supporting as soon as possible. The family law judge will consider many factors to determine how much spousal maintenance will be paid and how long the paying spouse will need to pay spousal Maintenance. Our Phoenix spousal maintenance lawyer will present the family law judge with all of the facts and evidence to support your case. You may only get one shot at establishing spousal maintenance in Arizona. If you try to handle your own case without the assistance of a family law lawyer, you won’t likely achieve the best outcome.

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Phoenix Spousal Maintenance Lawyer

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